One Driver for both Continuous Wave & Pulsed Applications

August 23, 2011: New High-Power Laser Diode Driver Enables Laser OEMs to Use One Driver for Both Continuous Wave and Pulsed Applications

The industry’s first single OEM laser diode driver capable of providing both continuous wave (CW) and slowing pulsing capabilities for high-power medical and industrial applications is being introduced by laser and electro-optic power supply manufacturer Lumina Power.

The new series of laser diode drivers, called the LDY Series, features a 400 microsecond rise/fall time, output current up to 100A, and maximum output voltage to 200V — ideally-suited for high-power medical laser applications such as non-surgical therapeutic treatments as well as industrial processes such as photolithography and 3D scanning. The new continuous wave and quasi-continuous wave (CW-QCW) laser diode drivers will enable laser system OEMS to offer their customers a single laser system capable of multiple applications and processes for greater flexibility at a lower cost. It is the only laser diode driver available in the United States with both continuous wave and pulsed capabilities designed for high power application of up to 1500 watts.

The new LDY Series laser diode drivers are based on Lumina Power’s industry-leading LDD and LDDHC Series of continuous wave laser diode drivers, but enhanced to provide pulsing capabilities at slow speeds up to 400Hz. A crowbar has been incorporated to reduce high voltage transients, enabling faster rise and fall times while protecting the diode.

Features of the new LDY Series laser diode drivers include:

  • Compact design
  • Universal input for all voltages
  • Analog interface
  • Auxiliary +15V/-15V/+5V
  • Safe turn-on/turn-off
  • CE and safety agency approval
  • Power factor correction
  • ROHS compliance

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