Laser and Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Lumina Power, Inc. manufactures a complete line of Capacitor Charging Power Supplies, Capacitor Chargers, laser diode drivers, laser power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies. With over twenty-five years of cumulative power supply design and manufacturing expertise, Lumina Power is able to offer standard and custom laser power designs that solve challenging OEM applications and meet stringent agency safety and emission requirements. Lumina Power’s products include high power laser diode drivers, capacitor charging power supplies and Xenon & Mercury arc lamp power supplies.

Why Lumina Power?

  • Lumina is the largest supplier of OEM laser power supplies
  • Our excellent pricing and fast delivery services earn us lifelong customers
  • We offer the most complete line of high power Laser Diode Drivers
  • Capacitor Charging power supplies with all popular options
  • Xenon & Mercury Arc Lamp power supplies and “short pulse” ignitors
  • Innovative custom products from prototype to volume manufacturing
  • Reliable sales & technical support worldwide

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