DC Power Supplies

LPS Series DC Power Supplies
LPS Series DC Power Supplies
The LPS series power supplies are designed for various applications in semiconductor equipment along with OEM and industrial applications.
Available for use in constant current or constant voltage applications they are available in power levels from 1,000 to 13,500 Watts. Common applications include heater, filament and magnet supplies along with test and burn-in applications. All models can be paralleled for increased power and custom configurations are available.
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Constant Current or Voltage

1000 to 13,500 watts output

Power factor Correction (single phase versions)

Universal 200V to 240V or 380V to 480V, 3 Φ models

Output voltage to 200V

Output current to 300 amps

Docs & Manuals

LPS 10000 Data Sheet LPS 6500 Data Sheet LPS 4500 Data Sheet LPS 1000 Data Sheet