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Global Excellence in Power Electronics

Lumina Power, Inc was founded in 2001 to further the design and manufacturing of unique power supplies and systems for the laser and electro-optic industries. The company brings together veterans of many years in the specialty power supply field combined with a seasoned manufacturing team. Lumina Power offers the industry’s only complete family of laser diode drivers for both CW and pulsed laser diodes.

Lumina Power’s high voltage capacitor chargers have created a much higher standard of reliability for flashlamp based lasers and pulsed lamp applications. The addition of the Xenon arc-lamp power supplies in 2007 is a result of the company’s knowledge of lamp technology and expands the capabilities of the company. The company’s extensive power electronics experience also allows us to work with customers on custom solutions where required.

Lumina Power is located north of Boston in Bradford, MA, in a 20,000 square foot facility that houses design, manufacturing and sales. Worldwide customer service is handled from this facility and through a select group of representatives in various countries.

Company Milestones

2018: Release of several water cooled high output laser diode drivers and current sources capable of outputs to 20 kW.

2017: New LDP series of laser diode drivers for pulsed and CW applications with output current to 400 amps and 10kW peak power. 

2016: Addition of the HPP-750 Pulser that can deliver up to 350 amps for pulsed laser diode applications.

2015: Complete upgrade of the HPP-6000 Pulser to extend the output current range to 1000 amps.

2014: New second generation LDN series OEM, CW laser diode drivers with performance level E safety option.

2013: Introduction of new handheld diode driver controller that can control any Lumina laser diode drivers.

2012: The new HPP series laser diode pulsers are released. Capable of output currents to 500A, pulse widths of 50us through CW with 15us rise times.

2011: New line of Mercury lamp power supplies are introduced. The new MLB series is offered in power levels from 650 to 6000 watts.

2010: New XLB-5000 Xenon short-arc lamp power supply with external igniter. Five arc-lamp power supplies available from 650 watts.

2010: Introduction of LDD-6000 laser diode driver capable of 300 amps, 6000 watts output. Universal 3Ø input section.

2009: First complete line of compact board level laser diode drivers featuring DC inputs.

2009: Release of compact CCHP 6000j/s, 3-phase universal input capacitor chargers.

2008: Representative agreement with Trium Power in France.

2007: Release of the XLB Xenon short arc lamp power supplies.

2007: Release of new laser diode drivers with DC inputs.

2006: SK Advanced signs representative agreement for Israel.

2006: New “HC” high current CW laser diode drivers to 200 amps.

2005: Representative agreement with Schulz GmbH in Germany & Austria.

2004: New Source Technology signs representative agreement for Asia.

2004: Shipment of first custom power supply for semiconductor electroplating.

2003: Newly designed compact, low cost capacitor chargers released to production.

2001: Lumina Power introduces the industries first line of low cost, OEM laser diode drivers.

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