LDPC Diode Driver

News Release: Enhancements to the board level pulsed laser diode drivers

March 29, 2010: Lumina Power announces the next generation of enhancements to the board level pulsed laser diode drivers

Lumina Power will release new faster versions of the LDPC and LDQPC laser diode drivers on April 15th 2010. These enhanced versions of the popular board level OEM drivers are in direct response to customer requests for faster rise times required in many new applications. The LDPC series will now be offered with rise times of 2us. at current levels to 70amps allowing the laser designer to specify practical pulse widths from 5us through CW operation. The LDQPC series can be specified with a rise time of 10us. at current levels to 200amps peak.

Introduced in early 2009 the LDPC and LDQPC diode drivers are now being used in laser designs worldwide with excellent reliability and predictable performance. The small board size is easy to integrate and the DC input allows for the use of one AC to DC power supply to operate the whole laser reducing EMI/RFI for easier CE approvals.

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