Press Release: New Fiber-Optic Interface for Capacitor Charging Power Supplies


New Fiber-Optic Interface for Capacitor Charging Power Supplies Provides Enhanced Control and Diagnostics

Bradford, MA, USA – Leading specialty power supply manufacturer Lumina Power today announced the release of a new line of capacitor charging power supplies with a digital fiber optic interface that adds flexibility and increased control to pulsed charging applications. A capacitor charger is used in many laser systems worldwide for medical, industrial and R&D applications along with other pulsed applications using magnets, flashlamps and plasma based devices.

“Traditional capacitor charging power supplies have used the old analog interface for decades”, said Barry Essig, VP Sales & Marketing at Lumina Power. “Today, more and more customers are looking for increased communication between the various components in their systems. Our traditional analog controls cannot be expanded to perform all of the system checks that are available with the new fiber-optic interface. Lower electrical noise and far better charging accuracy is also an advantage.”

While the traditional analog models will still be available for new and existing applications, the new fiber-optic interface is aimed toward mid to high volume customers.

About Lumina Power

Lumina Power manufactures a complete line of power supplies for the high-power laser and electro-optic industries. Lumina Power’s products include laser diode drivers, capacitor charging power supplies, semiconductor power supplies, and xenon and mercury arc lamp power supplies. The company maintains a 20,000 square-foot design and manufacturing facility in Bradford, Massachusetts.

For more information, contact:

Barry Essig – VP Sales & Marketing
978-241-8262 Fax

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