LDQPC Quasi-Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers

The LDQPC quasi-pulsed laser diode drivers are specifically designed for low cost high volume applications. These DC input modules are available with average output power to 100 watts and current output to 200 amps. With a rise/fall time of <10us. they are ideally suited for compact short pulse laser applications. All configurations require 15 volts DC and feature a simple analog interface. Output current and voltage can be specified to meet your requirements.

Built around the same topology that has made Lumina Power laser diode drivers the standard of the industry, these board level products offer the reliability and diode protection of the LDQPC series in a compact easy to integrate package. Applications: Medical Laser Systems, Mobile Lasers, Pulsed R&D Projects

LDQPC Features

  • 100 Watts Average Power
  • 10us. Rise/Fall Time
  • 200 Amps Peak Output

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Analog Interface
  • Require 15 volts DC