LDP Pulsed/CW Laser Diode Drivers

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The New LDP pulsed laser diode drivers are the second generation of precision pulsed diode drivers offered by Lumina Power. Building on more than a decade of experience in laser diode driver technology the new LDP drivers are capable of outputting up to 400 amps . Pulse widths of 30μs. through CW operation are now possible at rep-rates to 5kHz. The LDP incorporates new technology that enhances pulsed performance while reducing circuit complexity shrinking the size of the package and increases reliability.

LDP Features

  • 1000/2000 Watts Average Output
  • Output Currents to 400A
  • Output Power to 10kW Peak
  • Output Energy to 300J/Pulse
  • Compliance Voltages to 100V

  • Pulse Widths From 30μs. to CW
  • Output current up to 300A
  • 10μs. Rise/Fall Time
  • Repetition Rates to 10kHz.
  • Universal Input Voltage
  • Auxiliary ±15 Volt Output

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