New LDP Series Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Announced

BRADFORD, MA–(Marketwired Press Release – August 03, 2016) –

New LDP Series Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Combines High Output Current With Enhanced Laser Diode Safety

Leading specialty power supply manufacturer Lumina Power announced the release of their new LDP series pulsed laser diode drivers, aimed at the industrial laser market. Capable of 10kW of peak power and 300amps output, this laser diode driver can output pulse widths from 30µs through CW. With a rise time of <10µs., pulse widths of ≥50µs. can be achieved with repetition rates to 5 kHz. Standard analog/TTL control with options for RS232 or Ethernet configurations allow the user to continuously modulate current, pulse width and frequency.

“The demand for high power pulsed laser diodes in new applications is pushing our research group to develop cost effective power supplies that can deliver high peak currents over a wide range of pulse widths and compliance voltages,” said Barry Essig, Lumina Power’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “The new LDP laser diode drivers represent a new direction in advanced low cost, highly reliable laser diode drivers.”

The new LDP series enhances Lumina Power’s complete line of laser diode driver products from 10 watts through 18 kW. Click here to view this new series.

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