Lumina Power to Release a New Innovation in High Voltage Pulsed Power Supplies

First significant advance in capacitor charging performance in 25 years.

BRADFORD, Mass. (PRWEB) April 29, 2019 — Leading specialty power supply manufacturer Lumina Power
announced plans to release a new series of capacitor charging power supplies that have a pulse to pulse
repeatability of 0.01%. Traditional capacitor charging power supplies have been limited to pulse to pulse
repeatability of 0.5% that can only be achieved at very low repetition rates. The new topology can be operated
at repetition rates to 5 kHz while maintaining the same 0.01% repeatability specification.

Plans to develop a complete line of new capacitor chargers will include power levels from 1 kW to multiple 20
kW configurations with output voltages to 15 kV. Standard and custom versions of this platform will benefit
products for semiconductor processing, pulse power research and precision laser applications using flash lamp
or Excimer technology.

“We are very excited to bring this new technology to the marketplace. This design is the first real change in
high voltage capacitor charging technology in over 25 years” said Barry Essig, Lumina Power’s Vice President
of Sales & Marketing. “This level of stability will revolutionize semiconductor photo lithography, industrial
processing and greatly enhance the precision light output of therapeutic and diagnostic medical lasers.”

About Lumina Power
Lumina Power manufactures a complete line of power supplies for the high-power laser and electro-optic
industries. Lumina Power’s products include laser diode drivers, capacitor-charging power supplies,
semiconductor power supplies as well as xenon and mercury arc lamp power supplies. The company maintains
a 25,000 square-foot design and manufacturing facility in Bradford, Massachusetts.

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