LDDHC High Current Diode Laser Drivers

Expansion of “HC” series of laser diode drivers

October 5th, 2008: Lumina Power announces the expansion of the “HC” series of laser diode drivers.

Lumina Power, Inc. announced the addition of three new high current laser diode drivers to the LDD family of compact low cost power supplies. These new power supplies are offered in 600, 1000 and 1500 watt packages all with maximum output current ratings of 200 amps. Laser designers can now select the standard “LDD” models from 10 to 100 amps and the new “LDDHC” models from 101 to 200 amps. The “LDDHC” models can be configured for output voltages to 15volts. For more information email sales@luminapower.com or call 978-241-8260. You can also download the LDDHC Data Sheet or go to the Laser Diode Drivers page.

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